ICTMS 2017

Faculty of Engineering, LTH

3rd International Conference on Tomography of Materials and Structures

Lund, Sweden, 26th – 30th June 2017



Getting to Lund

Getting to Lund is easy - the best option for international flights is via Copenhagen (Kastrup) airport, which is about 35 minutes away by direct train over the Oreseund bridge.

Train info can be found here.

Note that to get to Lund on the train from Copenhagen airport you should take the "Oresundståg", which leaves about every 20 minutes from platform 1 and goes direct to Lund Central via Malmö. Tickets can be purchased (using a credit card) from the "Skånetrafiken" ticket machines (not the DSB machines) in the baggage reclaim area or in the hall after arrivals above the platforms. (To find the trains go straight ahead for about 50 m when you come out of arrivals and you will find the ramps to the platforms, train information and ticket machines - the ticket machines are behind the large clock you will see as you come from arrivals).

When you buy tickets at the machines you can choose "english" and then select single/enkel to Lund, then via "Öresundsbron" (via the bridge).

You can not buy tickets on the trains.

Due to recent changes with border controls the train currently stops for about 10 minutes or so at Malmö and so it can take a bit longer than the expected 35 minutes.

When in Lund, most hotels are a short walk, as the station is almost in the centre. For the further away hotels you can take a local city bus on the same ticket as you used to get from the airport (for the continuing journey). Taxis are also available outside the station, but can be quite expensive.

Getting around Lund:

In general it is easiest to walk around Lund, as nothing is too far. However for some of the further out hotels other options could be useful:

General info: visitlund - getting around

By bike: lundahoj. Note also that many hotels can offer you a bike to get around during your stay.

By Bus:

More information about buses can be found here (click on translate to get your chosen language).

To get the buses within the city, this is mostly on a green bus to travel further afield this would be the yellow buses. Neither bus takes cash payment, but you can pay by card. Alternatively you can buy tickets at the Skånetrafiken service centre at Lund central station. This includes 24 or 72 hour tickets, which could be a good option if you are at one of the hotels slightly further out (see below) - if you arrive at the station from the airport then you could by your 24/72 hour ticket then to save having to go back again (andd to avoid having to pay by card when you come back into town from your hotel). 


To go from the Ideon hotel you can take the green stadsbuss #20 to central station from outside the hotel then walk to the venue from Central Station (this is probably the easiest option, without changes).

From Hotel Finn / Planetstaden you can get the green stadsbuss #20 to Lundagård which is near the conference venue.

From Djingis Khan hotel, it is a short walk to the "Lund Victoriastadion" bus stop then a direct bus to Lundagård (green bus #4)

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