ICTMS 2017

Faculty of Engineering, LTH

3rd International Conference on Tomography of Materials and Structures

Lund, Sweden, 26th – 30th June 2017



Conference Venue

ICTMS 2017 will take place at AF Borgen in the centre of the city of Lund: map 

Lund City

Lund is a city where thousand years of history blends with modern knowledge and visions. You will also find all the charm of a small town, side by side with the enticements and comforts of a major city. Students from all over the world attend our tradition-rich Lund University, adding a youthful pulse to Lund’s cultural and entertainment scene.

Lund was founded by the Danish king Sweyn Forkbeard in 990 when he wanted a firmer grip of this part of the country (i.e., Denmark). To assure the importance of the city it was awarded mint rights for making coins and became the archbishopric for entire Scandinavia. For the next four hundred years Lund was one of Scandinavia’s most important cities. Construction of the present cathedral started in 1085 when also the oldest school in Scandinavia, the cathedral school was founded. The province was conquered by the Swedes in 1658 and Lund University was founded in 1666, with the main purpose of making the upper classes of the province more Swedish.

Today Lund University is the largest in Scandinavia with some 46000 students, 562 professors and 2800 PhD students in eight faculties. It has a number of National/International research facilities, for example the MAXIV synchrotron and the new European Spallation Source, ESS Scandinavia.

The city of Lund, with around 100,000 citizens is very much dominated by the students. Besides the academic community, there are also a number of well-known industries, for example Ericsson,Tetra Pak and Alfa Laval.

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